PalmStraw Machine Dealer

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You can help us promote and sell the PalmStraw Machine Subscription Plan 

if you share the same thought with us. 

How to become Business Partner ?

Step 1

Sign up as the dealer/agent to promote PalmStraw Business by fill in the form below

Receive the confirmation email and dealer ID from us

Step 3

Pay your sign-up fee (RM12) and dealer deposit (RM100)

Step 4

Start to share and promote  PalmStraw Machine Subscription Plan

Step 2

Commission for Business Partner

Commision for Business Partner to promot
PalmStraw Machine Dealer 
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Frequently asked questions

How to become PalmStraw Machine Dealer?

Go to our website to sign up as PalmStraw Machine dealer by fill in the form and submit to us.

Who is eligible to become PalmStraw Machine Subscription Dealer?

Anyone who is above 18 years old.

What are the payment method available for PalmStraw Machine Dealer to sign up and receive commission?

We only accept Bank transfer for PalmStraw Machine dealer sign up.

When will I get the commission?

You will get your 1st commission once the customer pay the deposit for the PAlmStraw Machine Subscription plan and subsequence commission every 25th of month. T&C apply.

Do I have to pay when I do the sign up?

You do not need to pay until you get a confirmation email from us.