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Global Business Partner wanted!!!

Promote & Sell PalmStraw Machine Subscription Plan

Commission up to RM9,050 each machine

Term & Condition Apply

Term & Condition Apply

About Us

Grenohware is a Malaysia brand of 100% compostable straw & cutlery made from agricultural wastes (oil palm leaves) that started by Grenoh Solution, a company incorporated in Malaysia. We aim to be global one stop solution provider for compostable straw & cutlery business from operation to sales and marketing, and as part of our commitment, we will also create jobs opportunities and improve small farmers’ income.

The initiative of Grenohware is to tackle the global single use plastic straw & cutlery pollution by supply high-quality and eco-friendly product locally and internationally through our innovative business model. Thus, we provide three quick solutions to solve global single use plastic straw & cutlery pollution as below.

1. PalmStraw Package Subscripiton

FREE Tea worth RM2,700 with

purchase of PalmStraw Package

F&B operators will get free tea when purchase our PalmStraw Package. (T&C)

2. PalmStraw Machine Subscripiton Plan

Get FREE machine worth RM59,988 to start your PalmStraw Business

If you want to start a business and protect the environment at the same time can get free machine from us. (T&C)

3. Business Partnership

Business Partner wanted!

Commission up to RM9,050 each machine.

You can help us share and promote the PalmStraw making machine if you share the same thought with us. (T&C)

How Do We Work? 

We will source the palm leaves from the sustainable smallholders. The palm leaves will be processed into straw & cutlery through our patented technology and machinery. All of our product are 100% compostable without any chemical, thus it can be decomposed completely with food waste and become fertilizer within 6 months.

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Our Material

Oil Palm Leaf

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At Grenohware, we found that oil palm leaves is the suitable eco friendly solution to replace current single use plastic tableware to reduce plastic wastes pollution. 

  • 100% natural and compostable, degraded and become fertilizers within 6 months.

  • Abundant with 50% of oil palm biomass 

  • Left underutilized. 

  • Chemical and toxic free

Map in Grass
We will work hard to serve you no matter where you are in order to protect our environment.
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